Different Types of Credit Cards

Aircraft credit cards: If you want to movement and fly regularly, you ought to apply for a carrier credit card. Many credit card suppliers in our nation hold hands with driving aircraft organizations like Jet Airways and Emirates to offer restrictive rebates on flight tickets to their cardholders. Likewise, you may get complimentary residential flight tickets as joining reward contingent upon the kind of card you hold. All aircraft credit card accessible in India are co-marked credit cards as the carrier organization accomplices with a credit card supplier to issue such cards.

A portion of the famous carrier credit cards accessible in India are HDFC Diners Jet, Amex Jet Privilege, ICICI Jet Sapphiro, SBI Air India Signature, Citi PremierMiles Credit Card, and Axis Bank Titanium Smart Traveler Card.

A portion of the advantages of holding a carrier credit card are as per the following:


  • It encourages you save money on your flight tickets.


  • Most aircraft credit cards likewise offer rebates and cashback on lodging appointments.


  • Depending on the credit card you possess, you may likewise get free parlor access in household and global airplane terminals.


  • Co-marked credit cards solely intended for explorers as a rule have a solid reward program which enables the cardholder to win remunerate focuses. Most credit card suppliers enable their cardholders to reclaim these reward focuses against flight tickets.


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Way of life Credit Cards:

Way of life credit cards are only intended to offer rewards and rebates on buys made at chosen vendors. These cards are best suited for the individuals who love carrying on with a lavish life. The card guarantor offers cashback, rebates, blessing vouchers, or reward focuses when the cardholder shops at chosen strip malls, fuel stations, eateries, or sites. In the event that you adore shopping and spend a great deal of cash on excitement or sustenance charges, way of life credit cards are perfect for you.

While way of life credit cards are intended to offer awesome advantages for the individuals who shop oftentimes, it ordinarily accompanies a high yearly charge. Most way of life cards additionally expect you to spend a specific whole of cash to profit the rebate. Thusly, you may wind up spending more. Accordingly, before you apply for a way of life credit card, think about different cards accessible and pick the one that suits your spending design. On the off chance that you have a way of life credit card, ensure you check your credit card proclamations now and again to check on the off chance that you are utilizing the advantages your card offers. Most banks defer the restoration expense in the event that you have spent a specific sum on your card the earlier year. Connect with your credit card supplier and check in the event that you fit the bill for a reestablishment expense waiver. Along these lines, you will decrease the expense of owning a way of life credit card.

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Fuel Credit Cards:

As the name shows, fuel credit cards assist cardholders with saving on their fuel bills. Most credit cards issued in India has a fuel extra charge waiver include. Fuel organizations need to pay an extra charge of 1.5% to 2% of the exchange add up to acknowledge card installments. As fuel organizations work at a thin overall revenue, they don’t wish to pay this additional charge and frequently solicit the guarantor from the card to endure the cost. The banks consequently recoup this charge from the cardholder. Be that as it may, few credit card suppliers will relinquish this extra charge and restore the sum to the cardholder through the fuel additional charge waiver include.

On the off chance that you believe you are spending an enormous measure of fuel each month, you could check with your credit card supplier on the off chance that they can forgo the extra charge on your fuel exchanges. Keep in mind that regardless of whether your credit card accompanies this component, it might be appropriate at chosen fuel stations as it were. Connect with your bank and ask about this element and the fuel stations you can utilize your card to profit this advantage. Likewise, you can profit the fuel additional charge waiver advantage just in the event that you spend the base exchange sum set by your bank.

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Shopping Credit Cards:

On the off chance that you are somebody who adores to shop however have been setting aside your shopping designs since you are not adequately financed, you should find out about shopping credit cards. Shopping credit cards enable regular customers to spare while they spend. These cards offer cashback, rebates, shopping vouchers, and reward focuses each time the cardholder utilizes the card to shop at the chose dealer’s store. Your credit card supplier every now and then will keep you refreshed about the offers you are qualified to benefit. Shopping credit cards offer appealing rebates on eating charges, rec center participations, golf expenses, and film tickets.

Reward focuses earned on shopping credit cards can be reclaimed against your shopping bills or can be changed over into air miles and recovered against your flight tickets. Some credit card organizations likewise enable you to change over the reward focuses to money and pay your month to month credit card charge. These cards additionally assist cardholders with purchasing costly items and reimburse the sum obtained in Equal Monthly Installments (EMIs) with 0% loan cost. Which implies, the cardholders pay nothing additional. Every once in a while, banks will declare the limited time codes you can use to benefit particular rebates. You just need to enter the promotion code before paying for your buy to recover the rebate.

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Travel Credit Cards:

When we plan an outing, we generally look for coupons, promotion codes, or vouchers to diminish the expense of the trek. However, did you realize that you can spare a considerable measure on your voyaging bills in the event that you utilize your movement credit card for your costs? What are travel credit cards? A movement credit card is intended to offer select rebates on your movement charges like flight and lodging appointments, taxi passage, and eating. Some movement credit cards likewise offer complimentary flight tickets to their cardholders as an appreciated blessing.

Most travel cards center around helping you procure air miles that can be reclaimed with the expectation of complimentary flight tickets or rebates on them. Contingent upon the kind of card you hold, you could likewise get complimentary air terminal parlor get to, fuel additional charge waiver, attendant services, and free travel protection. Banks offer liberal joining rewards when you agree to accept a movement credit card. Aside from the reward program, most cards likewise offer different advantages like free checked sack, free breakfast, and need boarding. Despite the fact that these cards are extremely valuable, it is essential to think of some as elements, for example, the joining expenses, loan fee, preparing expenses, power outage dates, and different charges and charges before you pick it.

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Business Credit Cards:

Business credit cards are picking up ubiquity nowadays. These cards furnish entrepreneurs with a rotating credit extension which is effectively open to meet their transient budgetary requirements. Rather than applying for a business advance, they can utilize their credit card. Holding a business credit card expands the buying intensity of the business and causes them deal with their accounts better. Like some other credit card, business credit cards additionally charge a financing cost if the cardholder does not reimburse the aggregate extraordinary parity on the card in full before the due date or before the intrigue free period closes.

As business credit cards don’t require security, numerous private ventures in our nation incline toward these cards to customary independent company advances which require numerous archives. A business credit card goes about as a money related pad for maturing organizations who are not adequately financed. Despite the fact that business credit cardholders get a month to month articulation, most banks likewise enable the business to track their costs online like check their year-end account synopsis, sort their costs, run a review, and settle their regulatory obligations. Holding a business credit card enables organizations to manufacture a positive credit score in the event that they pay their levy on time, which, thusly, will enable them to fit the bill for a credit extension later on if the need emerges.

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Co-marked Credit Cards:

A couple of decades back, all credit cards appeared to be identical. Off late, you can see credit cards with alluring logos, plans, and hues. A retail trader, for example, a retail establishment, aircraft organization, web based business organization, or a bank accomplices with a particular system processor like Visa or MasterCard to issue a co-marked credit card. These cards are outlined solely to give rebates on stock or administration they buy from the supported shipper utilizing the card.

On the off chance that you are somebody who cherishes voyaging, you can pick a co-marked credit card supported by a carrier organization like Jet Airways and appreciate cashback, rebates, and different advantages when you travel. In any case, on the off chance that you are somebody who adores to shop, you can pick a co-marked card that is issued in relationship with a shopping vendor. Before applying for a co-marked card, take the time out to investigate your ways of managing money and pick a card that advantages you and meets your prerequisites. However, co-marked cards offer you benefits that are custom fitted to your ways of managing money, it is insightful to utilize it just when it is required as it can possibly push you into the obligation trap. Check the yearly expenses and different charges and read the fine print before you get a credit card.

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Corporate Credit Cards:

Not at all like business credit cards, corporate credit cards are issued by an organization to their workers to pay pre-affirmed business-related costs. These cards are normally issued in the organization’s name yet additionally show the representative’s name. Most corporate cards accompany highlights like complimentary travel protection, attendant services, air mishap protection, crisis money payment benefit, spend administration device, complimentary need pass program, relax access, and rewards program.

With regards to installment, corporate credit cards can be characterized into two, to be specific individual installment card and corporate installment card. In the event that you hold an individual installment card, you will be capable to track the costs according to the corporate arrangement and pay the guarantor straightforwardly. Then again, the organization is capable to pay on the off chance that it is a corporate installment card. Be that as it may, non-authorized charges ought to be paid by the worker.

In spite of the fact that corporate credit cards accompany extraordinary advantages, it can possibly collect enormous obligation in the event that you don’t utilize it carefully. It is prescribed to not utilize your corporate card for individual costs anyway enticing it might be. Most corporates that issue these cards have a devoted travel card supervisor who reviews the exchanges made on the card. Utilizing a corporate credit card for individual costs will adversely influence your notoriety at work.

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Feasting Credit Cards:

In the event that you are a foodie and love to taste diverse cooking styles and make the most of your chance with your friends and family at an extravagant eatery, eating credit cards are for you. The individuals who love eating know about the issues related with it like weighty bills. That is precisely why there is a plenty of eating credit cards accessible in India that enables cardholders to trim their feasting bills. What are eating credit cards? As the name proposes, eating credit cards are issued to offer a rebate on the cardholder’s feasting bills. On the off chance that you are spending a great deal on eating, the time has come to analyze different feasting cards accessible in the market and pick one that offers you the most extreme markdown.

Credit card suppliers tie-up with driving eateries and diners and offer vouchers, coupons, cashback, or moment rebate when the cardholders feast in any of the joined forces eateries. Along these lines, cardholders spare while they are spending. Most feasting credit cards are known for their magnificent unwaveringness program where cardholders are given reward focuses each time they swipe their credit card to pay their eating bill. Cardholders can reclaim their reward focuses against flight tickets or shopping bills. Scarcely any cards additionally enable the cardholders to utilize the reward focuses to pay the month to month credit card charge.

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Excitement Credit Cards:

On the off chance that you adore going out every now and again, diversion credit cards can enable you to snatch stunning offers. Regardless of whether you adore viewing a motion picture each end of the week or celebrating hard, excitement cards are intended to offer great rebates on your amusement bills. Frequently credit card suppliers collaborate with driving motion picture corridors, event congregations, diversion fields, eateries, knocking down some pins focuses, spas, and other excitement outlets to offer a markdown to their cardholders.

You may get free vouchers and coupons as an appreciated blessing on the off chance that you settle on a diversion credit card. Most cards offer a markdown of 10% to 25% if the cardholder utilizes the card at any of the taking part vendor’s store. Occasionally, your credit card supplier may likewise dispatch “Get one get one free” in the chose store. You can utilize this offer to snatch a beverage or treat your family to a stunning supper. With a stimulation credit card, you may likewise get complimentary film tickets each month, rebates at spas and salons, golf benefits, cashback on your movement appointments, and appealing feasting offers. On the off chance that you spend a great deal of cash on excitement, think about different cards accessible in the market that may profit you. Begin sparing while you spend. Along these lines, you will love it when you check your bank proclamations subsequent to having an awesome time!

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Prizes Credit Cards:

All credit card in India have a phenomenal unwaveringness program under which cardholders can win compensate focuses each time they utilize the card to make certain exchanges. Be that as it may, cardholders were required to spend a specific aggregate of cash on their card to acquire the reward focuses. This frequently pushed them into the obligation trap. Reward credit cards were acquainted with enable cardholders to amass compensate focuses without spending a weighty sum.

Certain reward credit cards accessible in India enable their cardholders to acquire 10X reward focuses on spends made at division and attire stores. Most reward credit cards let the cardholder gain compensate focuses for each Rs.125 spent on all buys. The base sum may differ starting with one card then onto the next. As these cards center around remuneration focuses, cardholders get around 1,000 to 3,000 reward focuses as an appreciated blessing. For the most part, cardholders will be required to utilize the reward focuses inside a specific date, post which the focuses will terminate. In any case, there are many reward credit cards that enable cardholders to spare their reward focuses as long as they need.

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Utility Credit Cards:

Many credit cards that are being issued nowadays offer cashback and reward focuses for the individuals who utilize their card to pay service bills. Picking the correct credit card will enable you to spare enormous on your service charges over the long haul. You can utilize your card to pay your power charge, water charge, or your gas charges and win remunerate focuses on each installment. You can reclaim these reward focuses against flight tickets or purchase stock from chosen stores.

Nonetheless, to profit the advantages, it is critical to pay your credit card charge on time. In the event that you can’t pay the aggregate extraordinary bill inside the due date, intrigue will be collected and you will wind up paying more than what you at first acquired. In this way, the reward focuses you win won’t be valuable contrasted with the extra financing cost you paid. In any case, on the off chance that you utilize your credit card to pay service bills, aggregate reward focuses, pay your bills on time, and reclaim the reward focuses to shop or book tickets, you will profit. Check the yearly expenses and different charges you will be required to pay before you utilize your card to pay your service bills and utilize it just in the event that it benefits you.

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Golf Credit Cards:

Regardless of whether you are a beginner golfer or an expert, there are sure credit cards that offer an extensive variety of golf benefits. These cards give cardholders access to many greens in India and abroad. With a gold credit card, cardholders get free participation to choose fairways. There are sure gold cards that enable their cardholders to profit free golf exercises at select golf clubs. For instance, Citi Prestige Credit Card enables their cardholders to benefit 4 free adjusts of golf every year at 15 of the best golf clubs in India.

The greater part of the credit card suppliers offer round-the-clock attendant help administrations to their golf cardholders. Golf credit cardholders additionally get elite spa advantages and occasion bundles, contingent upon the sort of card. Before picking a credit card that will give you golf benefits, it is prescribed to check the yearly expenses and different charges you will be required to pay. In the event that the charges you pay are higher than the golf benefits the card offers, it isn’t encouraged to decide on a golf card. In any case, if the expense of keeping up the credit card is route lower than the advantages it offers, you can apply for a golf card. More than the various variables, it is essential to answer one inquiry Do you truly love to play golf?